Photo of Fernando interviewing a guest
Photo of Ramon Santamaria being interviewed by Fernando

Digital Crafters

I host a podcast called Digital Crafters where I have conversations with independent artists, designers, and developers who aim to make a living out of their digital creations, whether they're tools, video games, or products, they have found a way to fully dedicate themselves to work on the projects they own and love.


Alejandro Leon

Episode 3 — Alejandro Leon

Alejandro Leon (@alelepd) is the founder and creator of He's a very talented designer and developer passionate about 3D graphics, UX, and many other topics.


Episode 1 — Ruben

Ruben (@rubna_) is a game developer from the Netherlands who’s part of Sokpop. We'll be talking about his creative process, how he got to where he is, and what the future may hold for him.