Photo of Fernando interviewing a guest
Photo of Ramon Santamaria being interviewed by Fernando

Digital Crafters

I host a podcast called Digital Crafters where I have conversations with independent artists, designers, and developers who aim to make a living out of their digital creations, whether they're tools, video games, or products, they have found a way to fully dedicate themselves to work on the projects they own and love.


Alexander Obenauer

Episode 5 — Alexander Obenauer

Alex (@alexobenauer) is a software developer, designer and consultant who is currently working on the operating system of the future, WonderOS.

Nick Reese

Episode 4 — Nick Reese

Nick Reese (@nickreese) is the creator of Elder.js and the founder of multiple successful businesses. He's a marketing expert and a very talented web developer.

Alejandro Leon

Episode 3 — Alejandro Leon

Alejandro Leon (@alelepd) is the founder and creator of He's a very passionate designer and developer specializing in 3D graphics and UX.

Ruben Naus

Episode 1 — Ruben Naus

Ruben Naus (@rubna_) is a dedicated game developer from the Netherlands who’s part of Sokpop, a team of game developers where each member ships a game every two months.