Projects & Work

The things I’ve worked on consist of a mix of toys, websites, mobile apps, videogames, and ui design mocks. Visit my Github for smaller code-only projects.

Banner of Surery Tabe game
Surery Tabe Video Game
Mobile and desktop screenshots of the website
Nuestro.Voto Product
Screenshot of tool in use
Amos UI Kit Personal Tool
Amateur Archaeology: KaiOS Edition Video Game
Mocks of new un-implemented design Web Design
Multiple mobile screenshots of app
AICA Access Mobile App
Screenshot of website Web Development
Screenshot of WEST game
WEST Video Game
Multiple mobile screenshots of app
AICA SignTime Mobile App
VX2F3D Personal Tool
Screenshot of game starting screen
Montenegro 1961 Video Game
Screenshot of classic Amateur Archaeology Game
Amateur Archaeology III Video Game
Screenshot of gameplay
Popo Rush Video Game