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Pefom surery to clien


I had been wanting to make a face-building game for some time but hadn't had a chance. In mid 2021, my cousin Mario and I sat down again and decided to make a game for a jam. This was the GMTK jam and the theme was "join together" or something like that.

As we were thinking of what idea to pick for this jam, we liked this idea of joining together face parts to build a new face. The story behind that was that you were a prestigious surgeon that helped criminals escape by rebuilding their face. This meant that the goal was to make the client not too ugly while making them look different. Because it's a jam, we weren't able to implement the logic to make you win the game so it's currently just a face builder. Nonetheless, it's actually quite fun, more than I anticipated.


I decided to use Svelte for this one and give it that flash game feels wihtout the cons of that technology. This turned out to be a fun and interesting decision as I was able to quickly prototype what I wanted without even rendering to a canvas. As most times, Mario worked on the graphics using