Mocks of new un-implemented design


This was one of my first attempts at getting into modern frontend development. Back in 2018, when I was payed to design and build this site, I didn't know about static site generation or server-side rendering tools. I didn't know anything about SEO or what made a good website good.


I used Sketch to make the initial design, later on I created a newer version in Figma but those mocks haven't been implemented publicly.

For the frontend I made an ugly mess loading Vue.js from the CDN while also loading jQuery just to query elements in the DOM. For styles I used stylus because it seemed cool. And to glue it all, I wrote my own tool in Node.js to put together all the vue source code, styles and Javascript per page. My reasoning behind this was that I wanted to have real html files behind every route instead of hash routes with a client side router since I didn't know of Nuxt or any SSG tools. So in order to be able to reuse vue components for sections like the header and footer, I created a script that would take my partials and inline them together into html, js and css files per page.