Screenshot of tool in use

Amos UI Kit

My intentions for this project are unknown. I just felt the need to extract and update the old 'void' project that I had.

I want this to be an easy way to build interfaces for side projects. The cards might not be always needed, the individual components could be used outside of cards although the layout options would persist.

This toolkit may also be used for interesting projects where you need to test different states of a system. Like the achter project I once had. The fun part is being able to create debugging/experimenting user interfaces for other projects. This is a toolkit that is intended to be used as a replacement for tools like dat.GUI.

I have found that sometimes I want to proof an idea of an app. Usually, some kind of tool. Before deciding whether I should stick to an idea, I have to proof the concept. This is where this toolkit comes handy - amos ui provides a set of common input components and a window-like layout system that makes sure I don't get distracted setting up a nice GUI for X project.

It is also important to mention that this is a desktop/tablet centric toolkit so no mobile support is intended.

I decided to use Svelte since I like the idea of not having a framework living in your frontend.